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WMI Pump


• High-pressure Diaphragm Pump
• Material: Durable HDPE/ABS Plastic, Rubber, Steel
• Works on all Water-Methanol Injection Kits
• Compatible with AEM, Snow Performance, Devils Own, Cooling Mist, Aquamist, and all of the other kinds of Water/ Methanol Injection Kits
• Pressure adjustable from 100- 200 psi/ 6.8- 13.7 bar (comes preset at 160 psi/11 bar) ,
• %100 Methanol compatible and can be used for any alcohol-water mix.
• No pressure cut off switch eliminating any oscillation/pulsation
• Internally bypasses for a smooth constant even flow at the nozzle
• Self-priming up to 8 vertical feet
• Large 3/8th NPT female threaded ports (fittings shown in the picture, not included)
• Integrated built-in anti-reverse check valve
• 12 volt pulls 3.5 amp current draw
• Lower rpm motor avoid oscillation/ pulsation
• Lowest rpm water/ methanol injection pump – 60 RPM
• 60 LPH or 15.85 GPH
• Can be used with 30 volt electrical systems
• Can run dry up to an hour without damage



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  1. High-Pressure Diaphragm Pump


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